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October 9 – October 23, 2011

“Hanging Gardens”, a group show of sculpture at 1019 WEST, pays homage to the royal gardens of Babylon

The royal gardens of Babylon were designed and built to cheer King Nebuchadnezzar’s homesick wife, Queen Amyitis.  She found the flat, sun-baked terrain of Mesopotamia so depressing that the king ordered a re-creation of her green, rugged and mountainous homeland, building an artificial mountain with rooftop gardens. Meandering through a sculptural landscape, one can view large and small standing floor sculptures and hanging works placed throughout a vast 4,700 sq ft exhibition space punctuated by 30’ ceilings. The show’s concept extends beyond its industrial environs, to the artificial construct of southern California’s saturated urban landscape, our very own Babylon.

“Hanging Gardens” is a production of the iconic Beacon Arts Building installed at 1019 WEST. Featuring work by artists: Michael Arata    Leslie Awender    Jennifer Gradecki + Derek Curry    Michelle Carla Handel    Jeffrey Hastings  Steven Hull    Larissa James    Winter Jenssen    Flora Kao   Susan Kurland    Sophie Lee   Gale McCall Travis Novak    Kenneth Ober    Bertil Peterson    Keith Walsh   Pontus Willfors.

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