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Resident Artist Exhibition Series

Showcasing newly available 4th floor studios!

 2nd floor: Lisa C Soto | Martin Blake
4th floor: Snezana Petrovic | Thomas Müller

Opening reception: Saturday March 24 6-9PM

Second, Third & Fourth floor Studios, enter through the Studio Entrance at the rear of the Beacon Arts Building

The Resident Artist Exhibition series spotlights the wealth of talent in the Beacon Arts Building and 1019 WEST professional artist communities. Both buildings are truly inspirational and energetic environments constantly buzzing with activity. Los Angeles has its share of artist communities but Beacon Arts Building and 1019 WEST offer something special. Tenants are handpicked from pools of applicants based on a variety of factors including professional acumen, quality of work, and their affinity for a supportive and motivational community. All resident artists are dedicated professional artists, both emerging and established. Among them are instructors and recent students from local art colleges, and artists from across the country.

 The Resident Artist Exhibitions will follow the same schedule as the Beacon Arts gallery, opening the same night, offering multiple events at the same address. While curated by the gallery staff, these events are separate from gallery exhibitions, and are on view throughout the Beacon Arts Building, accessible from the studio entrance at the rear of the building.


Martin Blake

Untitled (Black and Violet)
Martin Blake’s paintings demonstrate a journey of exploration and discovery. The installation draws connections between different moments of this journey.


Thomas Müller

Neither here nor there
Tom Müller’s ceramics create tension by opposing material to meaning in order to strip the words down to their own bare essentials, and point to the relationship of the fragility of “objectness” and the tenuousness of meaning.  



Snezana Petrovic

                                                                    Buffalo                                       Hungry Ghost

 Inspired in part by her Buddhist practice, Snezana Petrovic creates a 2 part installation titled ShapeShifters; a meditation on impermanence, death and rebirth. One room will house the Gods realm while an adjacent room houses the Hungry GhostsShapeShifters is dedicated to her Dad.



Lisa C Soto will create a version of her labor intensive, site specific installation Aranea Constellations made of mylar, charcoal, spray paint and thread. This delicate work addresses society’s interconnections, interactions and migrations. Connecting people, disparate places and ideas.