BEACON ARTS BUILDING is in the process of curating new tenants. Occupants must be productive fine art professionals who will contribute to the “life force” of the building.


• A community for professional working artists
• Private studios in sizes from 150 to 1,800 square feet
• 24/7 access
• Gated parking
• Wi-Fi (included)
• 11’6″ ceilings
• Oversized safety glass doors
• Common area with kitchenette, washer/dryer, eating area, wash sink, restrooms
• High rear-loading facility sheltered by a 20’ x 60’ steel canopy
• Large freight elevator
• Shared outside work area
• Sprinkler system throughout
• Building alarm system
• Extra storage availability
• Utilities included
• Natural and daytime fluorescent lighting
• Professional building management
• Flexible lease options at competitive prices

For further information about availability please contact Scott Lane